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Lianne Akal, the  founder and creator of safe spaces where you can have open, honest conversations about miscarriage. The winner of 2018 Inspiring Fifty and voted as one of “Fast Company’s most creative people in business in 2016, I am passionate about creating safe spaces for those conversations that are often kept in the shadows and sometimes too heavy to share.

I am not a medical professional, I have had 3 miscarriages that each had their own journey of loss, heartache and acceptance from start to finish. My advice is not intended to be medical advice however living through loss I have created a safe space for anyone who has suffered a miscarriage. Your story matters, your process matters, YOU matter.

These journeys often sit and stay within us, consuming us, affecting our decisions, creating isolation and can create apprehension about the future. I want to create a place to share and grieve through the loss, shame and overwhelm that society places on this type of loss. This is a safe space to share and heal.

Reach out and let’s heal together.

Miscarriage is variously defined as: the expulsion or extraction of a fetus (embryo) weighing less than 500g equivalent to approximately 22 weeks’ gestation (World Health Organization, 1977); or termination before fetal “viability” is achieved; or termination prior to 24 completed weeks of gestation (UK legal definition). Some 25% of women will have one or more miscarriages.

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