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Support Circles and Services

WhatsApp Support

1 in 3 women will experience a pregnancy loss, we have created a whatsapps support service that allows you access for 1 week to answer your questions. We respect that you will have a dip in hormones and help you navigate the next steps so you feel supported during this trying time.

Support Circle

Monthly support circles (on-line and in-person) to have a safe space to share your story to help your healing.

Healing Workshop

A half day workshop to help you process your loss and emotions. We have a maximum of 10 attendees to keep them intimate. 

Support Circles and Services

Each meeting is a brave space for us to gather, connect. share, honour and encourage each other through this overwhelming time.
 Our intention is to create an environment where your words are voiced, your experience is heard and your heart can heal. 

When & Where

Virtually via zoom:
To register contact Lianne Akal at info@miscarriage.co.za or call 082 498 0981.

The Process

We will focus on sharing experiences and processing feelings, reactions and concerns. This is a closed group where participants can speak freely and explore their healing.

Create your own miscarriage’s support circle

Create a support circle in your area or time zone to create a safe space to share, connect and heal through.

Become a Mentor / Mentee

Join our facebook group and engage with the community. Mentors and mentees will be able to share support, offer advice  with similar pregnancy loss or miscarriage experiences and get helpful resources and information.